Motorcsónak adrenalin gyerek jegy

Motorcsónak adrenalin gyerek jegy
Motorcsónak adrenalin gyerek jegy
Motorcsónak adrenalin gyerek jegy
Motorcsónak adrenalin gyerek jegy
The servince contains:

20 minutes long adrenalin rush with a 320 horespowered speedboat.

Our fleet's speedboats provide a real adrenalin rush for our guests on Lake Balaton. 

We can Talk about water taxi renting between Siófok and Balatonfüred or a 20 minutes long tour in front of the golden beach of Siófok.

So what is an adrenalin tour? A 20 minutes long adrenalin rush. Imagine a 320 horepower motorboat, the blue water and the sunshine. There is an option for the guests to try out the drive of the boat.

Not only the adults can participiate in the program, we are waiting for the applications of littleones too, to gain unique experiences on the hungarian sea.

Place of departure:

Siófok Port, 8th platform


In main season - special daily timetable

To participiate a beforehand application is needed, so you can reach us any of the contacts.
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• Check- in is needed for either the scheduling or other services, because of groups, and other reservations. e-mail: , phone: +36305424537
• In the case of any kind of question, or problem please sign on the +36305424224 or the +36305424547 numbers.
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