Talizmán Yacht Adult Ticket

Talizmán Yacht Adult Ticket
Pleasure boat trips- Experiences on Lake Balaton at Siófok

Boat cruising and children program at Siófok on the board of the Talizmán Yacht

During the sailing season, one of the largest sailing boats of Lake Balaton waits for it's guests at the port of Siófok.
Join us for a boat cruise to feel the execitement and the beauty of sailing. Gain unique experience on our sunset tours,
or at the interactive pirate show.

The Talizmán Yachts are determinative parts of the turism of Siófok.

Place of departure: Siófok port 8th platform

Departure timetable:

09:45, 11:00, 12:15, 13:45 15:00, 16:15, 17:30, 18:45:,20:00 ,21:30
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